What People Are Saying After Working With Barb Davies

The first session was instrumental in helping remove the junk out of my thinking so I could more easily attain the success I want and know I should be having. The success that I now am having. I love it! Worked great for me!

After our last session, I felt better, more positive, lighter, and less anxiety and stress. Sometimes negative thoughts appear, but I don’t dwell on them like I did before. I got some new ideas for promoting my business and wanted to act on them. I started writing my own story to use in my marketing. The words just came to me. And I’ve started making more money. Actually, I just got my biggest check ever in the two years I’ve been with my network marketing company. God is blessing me with more financial success, I'm sponsoring more people and my team is growing. Things are going really amazing. I’m really excited and happy for the future. I’m looking forward to more prosperity and abundance coming in. I think my sessions with you have really helped me and what I’m experiencing now. Thank you!”       

∼ A. G., Kentucky, U.S.

I sought help from Barb Davies because I was experiencing pain in my shoulders due to a condition called frozen shoulder. My pain made day to day life a challenge, as lifting and reaching were limited and painful. I was not able to use all of my strength and I couldn't participate at 100% for anything because my movement was so restricted. Any sudden movements could cause pain – I was fed up and irritable! My sleeping was very inconsistent and I would feel pain throughout the night. I heard about Barb offering this pain relief protocol and I thought I would give it a shot because honestly I had nothing to lose and nothing else was working.

My life has changed in such a positive way since my session with Barb! Immediately after the session I felt a  difference. After the session I would say my pain was about 70% gone, and eventually all of the pain left. It’s been three months and I have absolutely zero pain in my shoulder! I cannot recommend this process enough.

       ~ K. L., Toronto, Canada

If you are thinking about having a hypnosis session with Barb, I say DO IT you will not regret it! I was skeptical about having a hypnosis session cause knowing very little about them all I could think about are the jokes where people quack like a duck when a word is said. I was also skeptical about doing it by Zoom. I had the session to help with all aspects of my life especially resolving past issues I deal with. Barb was really soft spoken, talked with me through the session, and took her time. She worked me through my past and I was able to release those issues. I cried, and cried for the whole day afterwards. I finally felt like who I was meant to be to my family, and myself. I have released a lot of my past. I have traits that I see in myself, and my family sees in me that I asked to bring out. This session was done a couple of weeks ago but I still am vibing high from this session, and can’t wait for our next one.

       ~ O. S., Arizona, U.S.A.

My hypnosis session with Barb was truly amazing.  I wanted to do something to help me move on from past experiences that were limiting my current day happiness. I've never thought of myself as someone who can ‘visualize', it's always been such a struggle for me when trying to meditate etc.  With Barb's help I did a session where my visualization was so vivid it's was like an 70's acid trip lol! I felt amazing and so peaceful after and can't praise Barb and this process enough!”

       ~ T. L., Thunder Bay, Canada

I've been meaning to message you for some time now and give you an update regarding your hypnosis and the money issues I was having. Moving on from my last career was probably one of the HARDEST choices I've had to make, but after the session I had with you it became clear that I was holding onto something that wasn't worth the effort.

The money has been rolling in and I have gone from being the only one offering my services to now employing 4 people and running a very successful business. I know the growth potential is huge and I cannot thank you enough for helping me get my “head” around the blocks that were in my way and holding me back.

I'm excited to use your hypnosis sessions again in the near future.”

~ S. R., British Columbia, Canada


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