Private Coaching


Private Coaching With Barb Davies

Your results in life are a direct reflection of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs about yourself. Many of your beliefs are subconscious, and you may not be aware they exist. In fact, they were given to you, so to speak, by what you heard, saw and experienced from birth to age 7 when your personality was developing.

Your beliefs drive your thoughts, emotions, behavior and habits, which determine your results.

If you don't have the results you desire, it's because you haven't yet become the person who can have them.

How do you become that person? By changing your beliefs about yourself and what is possible for you.

When you truly believe in yourself, you'll naturally feel inspired and motivated to do what it takes to create the success you've been dreaming about.

I can help you to make that happen.

When you do the inner work, your life and/or business will transform.

My Transformational Coaching packages require a minimum three month commitment and are customized to your preferences and goals. 

I incorporate executive coaching, counselling, consulting, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnosis and/or guided meditation to help you get results.

BONUS: You will also receive professionally recorded hypnosis audios designed to elevate your mindset by releasing limiting beliefs, fears, and money blocks, and replacing them with a strong sense of self worth, confidence and motivation. 

VIP BONUS: A customized professionally recorded guided meditation or hypnosis audio to reinforce your transformation.

We will meet via telephone or Skype/Zoom (or at my office if you are local), and you have access to me via email and text. Sessions are typically one to two hours each.

If you do the work and bring your energy, I'll bring mine. You WILL experience a transformation in your health, wealth and relationships. 

What We Can Work On Together:

  • Elevating your mindset, self-esteem, self-worth, self love and confidence, These are essential for success.
  • Eliminating self-doubt, procrastination, releasing limiting beliefs and removing subconscious blocks
  • Overcoming fears, such as fear of failure, fear of success, fear of public speaking, and fear of being visible with your marketing
  • Learn how your brain works and how to use it correctly and most effectively to achieve the results you desire
  • Teaching you how to use self-hypnosis to improve your health, wealth and relationships
  • Teaching meditation to create calm, inspire creativity and access knowledge from your highest self
  • Finding clarity about your soul purpose or life purpose through a professional career assessment, guided meditation and/or hypnosis to receive wisdom from your highest self
  • Exploring your strengths and passions to create a successful business you love
  • Accountability and peak performance strategies
  • Personal branding strategies
  • Marketing professionally online and using social media
  • Growing your social media followers and network
  • Influencer and affiliate marketing strategies
  • Growing a network marketing business professionally
  • Developing multiple streams of income including passive and residual income

Investment: $1497 to $2997 CAD, depending on frequency of calls and bonuses included. 

Customized coaching packages are also available by request.

Prices in USD are approximately 20 to 25% less due to the current exchange rate.

Bi-weekly or monthly payment plans are available.


I accept a very limited number of private coaching clients.

To apply to work with me, contact me here to schedule a complimentary 20 minute call.


If you only need one or two hours of help with a specific challenge, I also offer consulting services.